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Sam Newman

Hosting : "Dracula"

Michelle Louise in Salvation Army Advert




Dave Wong appearing in 10 PER CENT                               

Edward Llewelyn  Lead and VO in Samaritans Advert 2021


Sam Newman  

Arthur & Merlin. On Amazon Prime now. 

Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot.

Check it out now on Prime Video


Arthur and Merlin.jpg

Rose Muirhead  In ad paying  the tribute to all the key workers at Talk Talk


Sam Newman  

In House of Shadows due for release soon !

Rose Muirhead  Missing the bus in the latest MCDonalds Ad


Kayleigh-Paige Rees   in Sanditon coming on ITV


Kayleigh-Paige Rees  on ITV News talking about Sanditon



Feyi Babalola   appearing in Lullaby


Monday 17 June – Friday 21 June 10:45h


repeated at 19:45h

Radio 4

Simon Winkler  in CBBC's new show Almost Never (4 Eps)


James Clossick  in BBC's Warren


Mollie Packer   

Mollie playing Stacy a lead role.  In Count Lines Girl.


Sandition1 .jpeg

Kayleigh-Paige Rees in a regular role in this we are very excited !



 James Clossick appearing in the new BBC comedy Warren


almost never.jpg

Simon Winkler  appearing in CBBC's new show Almost Never (4 Eps)



Dave Wong  Will be appearing in BBC new Comedy In My Skin


Dave Wong  Will be appearing in ITV's new Drama Strangers


Edward Llewelyn  voice and acting in an online advert


Edward Llewelyn  on Rownd A Rownd ! (5 Episodes) C4/S4C


Jilly Breeze

Voice over Find and Fund my Car

Jilly is the voice explaining all about finance !

More info click here



Simon Winkler  in Requiem(Ep5) on BBC1

Feyi Babalola

Kelloggs Ad

Feyi in the latest Kelloggs Ad

James Clossick

The Strange Case of Mr Inanis

James will be appearing in the film "The Strange Case of Mr Inanis"

More info here










Edward Llewelyn  is back this week on Rownd A Rownd - watch this space -  Keep an eye out for future appearances !


Dave Wong and Tony Wright

Casualty Episode 11

 2 of our actors appearing in BBC's drama Casualty

Dave Wong

Death of Stalin

Dave Wong appearing as Zhou Enlai, in the in a new film by Emmy award-winning and Oscar-nominated writer/director Armando Iannucci.

Jilly Breeze

BBC Drama 3 Daughters.

Ryan Davies  in Land Rover Ad

Dave Wong

"Bendy Dave" in new

Sunlife Idents

Click here to watch 

Nike Vasill

In Mercedes Ad

Click here to watch


​​Our lovely Marcus is in this ! Plus a few Dragons on ADR

Ed LLewelyn

Pobol Y Cwm

Dave Wong In BBC's One Child

Feyi Babalola 

The Brothers Grimbsy staring Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong

Feyi Babalola  appearing in Peculiar People

Olivia Greene  

In the 10th Anniversary of the 39th Steps

Tour 2016



39 Steps Facebook Site





Dave Wong   in 

Late Shift 

Edward LLewelyn  

Hiraeth' BBC Two Wales.

Nike Vassil   'Sofia in the opening feature film directed by Christian Zübert 'ONE BREATH'

Sam Newman

as Ian Barrington in Casualty

- click on the left for one

of Sams Scenes.

Simon Winkler

as Holby PolicesDesk Sergent

in Casualty -

click on the left for one of Simon's Scenes.

Sam Newman as Walpole

"Time Plays"

Sam Newman in Time Plays as Richard Burbage rehearsing Shakespeare's new play, MacBeth. Not happy because they can't use real blood, and it must be the best possible performance for the king

Jason Stevens 

in BBC's Dirk Gently

Simon Winkler as Wentworth Jailer in - Outlander

Jason Stevens



Jilly Breeze



Ryan Davies


Simon Winkler

James Clossick in the feature film "Being Nice

See more info here.



Edward LLewelyn  is the narration

voice over for

BBC School on the Gurnos.

BBC One Wales.

Part of The Real Valleys Season.



Oscar Harding in TRAITOR TO THE KING,   Playing "SIR CHARLES"



Eluned Hawkins Appearing with Alan Davies in TV Ident


Click Here to play or on photo

Dave Wong appearing in recent Photo Shoot.



Mike Tezcan appearing in Bafta winner 

The Wee Man 

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