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The Saint David’s Day Anthem

Original idea for an Anthem and Lyrics by Gwenno Dafydd. Music by  Heulwen Thomas


Ring out the Bells for Saint David’.  2014
























Useful background information:

Welsh medium Wikipedia about the Saint David’s Day Anthem.


‘Ysgol yr Hendre’, Trelew, Chubut, Patagonia children singing in 2013.














Children from ‘Ysgol Bro Dewi’, sing the Saint David’s Day Anthem in both Welsh and English in Saint David’s Cathedral with the Pembrokeshire Banner taking a central place in the 2013 Saint David’s Day Service.















You can buy a copy of ‘Ring out the bells for Saint David’ here


Whilst ringing a metal bell (an exact copy of one of Saint David’s bells) on the second ever National Saint David’s Day Parade in Cardiff 2004, Gwenno Dafydd had an idea to create a special Anthem to celebrate our Patron Saint’s Day. As soon as she could, she set about writing the bilingual words for “Cenwch y Clychau i Dewi’  (Ring out the Bells for Saint David) and took them to Heulwen Thomas who composed some music to the words. The song has by now grown some wings and has been performed throughout Wales by schools, choirs and Goodwick Brass Band as well as in:


·       Patagonia (x3 and every year from now on by the children of Ysgol yr Hendre)  

·       Canada: Ontario, Toronto,  Ottawa,

·       Los Angeles, (South California Welsh Choir x2 and x2 this year)

·       North America Festival of Wales, Scranton, America.

·       Disneyland Paris, (Ysgol Penbarras Children’s Choir)

·       Houses of Parliament. (Children from London’s Welsh Medium School)

·       Saint David’s Cathedral (x3)                 Llandaff Cathedral (x1 )

·       Brangwyn Hall, Swansea

·       The Lampeter Festival of Sacred Music (2013)

·       In Welsh and English in the National Wales wide Saint David’s Day  Service in Saint John’s Church. Cardiff.

·       And in five consecutive National Saint David’s Day Parades, Cardiff.


Whilst part of the National Saint David’s Day Parade Committee, Gwenno had the idea of creating County Banners to be paraded on Saint David’ Day. The first of these County Banners is now on permanent display in the East Cloister in Saint David’s Cathedral.  


Gwenno’s vision is that every County and school in Wales will create banners similar to this one to parade (either through towns or around school playgrounds) whilst singing the Saint David’s Day Anthem on their way to their Saint David’s Day celebrations.

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