Andrew Jones







Andrew Jones is a screenwriter, producer and director. He is also the Managing Director of North Bank Entertainment, a Swansea based
production company who produce genre feature films for the
Home Entertainment market.

Andrew's first project as co-writer and producer 'Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection' was picked up for UK & Ireland distribution by 4Digital Media and received a UK theatrical release through major multiplex Cineworld, followed by a multi platform Home Entertainment release. The film opened at #27 in the UK DVD charts, the only release in the top 40 that week which wasn't produced by a major American
studio. Major studio Lionsgate released the film in North America & Canada and MIG Film Group released it on DVD and Blu Ray in Germany Andrew's second project as co-writer and producer 'Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming' was acquired for UK & Ireland distribution by 101 Films, with Elite Entertainment acquiring the rights to release the film in North America and Canada.

Andrew then wrote, produced and directed 'The Amityville Asylum' which was picked up for distribution in 7 countries around the world. UK & Ireland distribution rights were acquired by 4Digital Media, MIG Film Group picked up the German distribution rights and the North America &
Canada rights were acquired by Hannover House. Accent Film Entertainment secured the rights for release in Australia & New Zealand. Andrew's next venture will be writing, producing and directing two feature films back to back, 'The Midnight Horror Show' and 'Valley of the Witch'. 4Digital Media has already acquired UK & Ireland distribution rights to both titles, with Hannover House taking the North
America & Canada rights. As part of a long term deal with Independent Moving Pictures, two more features have also been greenlit and scheduled for production in 2014, 'Last House on Cemetery Lane' and 'The Reborn' Andrew will once again write, produce and direct both titles.Outside of his work with North Bank Entertainment Andrew has also
worked on numerous screenwriting commissions, writing scripts for Italian company KOA Entertainment, Canadian company Robomonkey Productions and North American company Thunderball Films


Deborah Hadfield



Presenter, Director, Producer


Deborah established Queen Bee Films after a decade at the UK's top broadcaster ITV.  She has written,  directed and produced films which have screened and sold at Cannes Film Festival.


She has directed two feature films Perfect Woman and Nine Lives London, which are in post-production. Deborah's directed a series of international documentary films, including following billioniare John Caudwell from the Phones 4 U empire as he cycled across England and France to raise more £300,000.


Deborah has extensive experience in journalism and presenting working for over 10 years in ITV regional news.

She also runs her own media training and consultancy company.





Simon P Thorp



Writer,  Producer


Simon worked  at Pinewood Studio's in his late twenties and worked on many films including, Entrapment, Batman Begins, Eyes Wide Shut, Enigma, Die Another Day and many more. (Please see his ImDb Profile)


Whilst on the set of Band of Brothers, he met Steven Spielberg and discussed his future projects. Steven encouraged Simon to get his idea's onto paper.


In 2001, Simon was fortunate to meet Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh who inspired him to finally write. This became Simon's passion to attempt all genre of story-lines including Horror, Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy to Crime Thrillers in the same concept as Peter.


With his connections in the film industry, he has built a relationship with famous film crew, who are eager to see his films reach the cinema screen.


He is currently working on 4 Sequels to his 'Sinbad & the Island of Tartarus"







Oscar Harding



Oscar is an experienced filmmaker in Narrative, Factual, Theatrical and Advertisement work. His short film work has won awards, most notably Looking Forward, Looking Back, which received a cinema screening. His most recent work has been in advertisement, working for clients including Ambition House and Seniors Helping Seniors through the Canterbury-based content agency 4Heads, of which he is co-founder and Head of Production. He has had three original plays produced and is responsible for creating various webseries and online dramas. Oscar has experience in managing industry-standard VFX and also edits most of his own work.