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Liz Morgan

Liz Morgan


Liz Morgan s a published author and has written over 30 plays for radio television and the theatre.

25 plays for BBC Radio 4.London.

A Large number of Short Stories for BBC Radio

8 Plays for theatre (including plays on at the National Theatre Platform)

7 TV Dramas including working on weekly dramas

6 Published books


Over 20 years Journalism experience – writing in various papers/magazines




‘Ticket to Paradise’ - Historical fiction based on Welsh emigration to Patagonia.



Ring your dead Agent’ - a tongue in cheek novel about a jobbing actress .

‘The Fall of the house of Windsor-‘ stage play - comedy about the new British Republic



Jem Roberts

Born in Ludlow in 1978 and graduating from Aberystwyth University in 2000, Jem Roberts has a publishing heritage which goes back over 20 years, with extensive magazine experience - as well as being a performer, with shows all round the United Kingdom.

Although he has made himself the biographer of choice for comedy's elite - the official, authorised historian for I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, Blackadder, Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and now Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie, in 2017's Soupy Twists.

As a journalist, he edited titles including Pokemon World, Disney & Me and Disney's Puzzle Land, and has been a contributor as storyteller for further publications - Muffin the Mule, Disney Girl, Winnie the Pooh and many more. 

Jem has appeared in publications as diverse as The Guardian, Rolling Stone, BBC History, The Independent, Geeky Monkey, History Revealed, GamesMaster, The Telegraph, SFX, Xbox World, Disney & Me, Total Film, BBC News online, ImagineFX and many more, and and he has appeared on BBC Radio 4 as an ‘expert’ on innuendo, which made him proud…


Mike Tezcan Smiling

Mike Tezcan


Mike has many years writing experience and has written a large number of scripts for TV and film including :


Feature Film Scripts:


"Signed Shakespeare"

"Dark Rainbow" about a gay mafia in London.

“Grey Wolf”

“The Cargo”



A TV pilot called "Death Knell" Currently under consideration by a major TV network


Oscar Harding


Oscar is an award-winning Screenwriter, Playwright and Journalist.

His theatre work- One Way, La Famiglia and Smith- has won various plaudits and he is the creator of the online drama series Encryption, which has received press coverage and a limited series of cinema screenings. He is also the creator of the webseries Darren Pearce and Land of Barry

As a Journalist, his work for WhatCulture! magazine has received over 1.3 million views and has been praised by Ricky Gervais amongst others. He was the first European journalist outside of France to cover John McTiernan’s imprisonment since Michael Hastings, and has interviewed the likes of Michael Palin, Warwick Davis and Katherine Ryan.

Oscar is also an experienced videographer. He was the behind-the-scenes interviewer for Hazel Hayes’ Super Brainy Zombies and was part of the videography team at the 17th World Business Dialogue in Cologne.


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